Power Supply Structure

The power supply, produced using the high frequency PWM technique and Mosfet technology, has a very light structure as it does not include a transformer. It can be used in many sectors with its ability to work in a wide input voltage range, short circuit, overload, over heat and over current protection.

An optional voltage low unit can be added to the power supply (SMPS) for EMI and RFI filters against unwanted electromagnetic pollution. Standard power supplies with powers between 25 W and 2,500 W are able to operate at higher powers with their paralllable structure. Power consumption has been minimized with the power factor correction structure.

ARTSAN Energy has proven its expertise in the field of telecommunications, automation technologies and medical industry with the alternatives it offers in addition to the design and production of special products in the field of customer solutions, taking into account the user needs.

Power Supplies


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Power Supply Technical Detail

Power Supply General Features

  • Power Supply (SMPS) General Features
  • Wide Input Voltage range (90 VAC - 280 VAC)
  • Short circuit, overload and over voltage protection
  • PFC (high power)
  • Test at 100% load
  • Short circuit protection
  • Cooling with Cooler or Fan
  • Switching Frequency: 25 khz - 50 khz
  • PWM Technique
  • EMI and RFI filter structure
  • Mosfet Technology
  • Warning leds and dry contact information
  • Production in international standards
  • 0.2% output fluctuation (Ripple)
  • Fine regulation - High Efficiency
  • Step-down and Step-up control
  • Lightweight - Quiet operation
  • 1 - 2 years warranty option