What is Rectifier?

RECTIFIER DEFINITION AND TYPES: Some devices are designed to work with DC voltage. In order to work these devices, the AC mains sign must be converted into a DC sign with Rectifier. Rectifier and SMPS are used to obtain DC signals. There is 4 type of Rectifier according to the conversion process;

a- Uncontrolled type Rectifier: This type of Rectifier, consisting of a transformer and a bridge diode, is widely sold in the sector because they are very cheap. But, they are risky for the devices and batteries, because the output voltage is constantly variable.

b- Step-type rectifier: This rectifier is more reliable than uncontrolled type rectifier, but still the output ivoltage is controlled by the user, so they are risky rectifier for devices.

c- Variac controlled rectifier : Since the output voltage is controlled with the variac, the output is stable. However, they are heavy and cumbersome rectifiers.

d- Thyristor Controlled Rectifier: Details are described below.



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Rectifiers detail


Since they give a better quality DC compared to other types of rectifiers, it is the more preferred rectifier. Batteries connected to this type of rectifier will have a longer life. Likewise, devices connected to this type of rectifier work more efficiently and have a longer life. The electronic control card continuously controls the output voltage and current, triggering the thyristors at an appropriate angle and obtaining the desired dc voltage. Thus, the output voltage will be stable by changing the trigger angle when there is change on the mains voltage and loads, quality sign is obtained with the filters used at the output.

The working principle of 3 Phase Input Rectifier is almost like 1 Phase Input Recitifer. However, 3 Phase Rectifier has a better quality output signal than 1 Phase Recitifier. Normally, 3 Phase rectifiers are rectified with 6 pulses.

3 Phase Rectifier, 12 pulse and 18 pulse rectifier groups give better quality output signals compared to 6 pulse rectifier and minimizing mains harmonics. However, this type of rectifier prices are more expensive, so they are not preferred unless it is necessary. Our 3 Phase Input Recitifiers rectifies 6 pulse as standart, we can produce 12 pulse rectifier if requested.

In addition to standard rectifiers, Artsan Energy can design and manufacture all kinds of special rectifier according to the demand with its engineers and technicians.

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    Rectifier General Features

  1. - Wide input voltage range
  2. - Short circuit, overload, over voltage protections
  3. - Tested at 100% load
  4. - 6, 12 pulse rectification in 3 phase input systems
  5. - Cooling with Cooler / Fan
  6. - 3% output ripple
  7. - Isolated transformer structure
  8. - 3 khz triggering with PWM Technique
  9. - Special design according to the place of use
  10. - Warning leds and dry contact information
  11. - Accordance with international standards
  12. - High efficiency
  13. - Sensitive regulation - Quiet running
  14. - 2-year warranty, 10-year service - spare parts support
  15. - Thyristor Module Technology

    Rectifier Usage Areas

  1. Medical Devices
  2. Battery Charger Units
  3. Alarm Systems
  4. Telephone Stations
  5. Marine Equipment
  6. Communication Devices
  7. DC powered devices
  8. Electronic Test Equipment
  9. Telecommunication Devices
  10. Electronic Test Equipment
  11. Security systems
  12. Fire Systems
  13. Telephone Stations
  14. Communication Devices
  15. Emergency Lighting Systems

Rectifier Technical Specifications

Voltage 220 V or 3x380 V AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Input Tolerance -%20, +%15
Efficiency > % 80
Power Factor 0.8 <
Voltage 12 V / 24 V / 48 V / 96 V / 110 V DC Options
Current 15 A / 30 A / 50 A / 80 A / 100 A / 200 A/ 500 A Options
Dynamic Response 0% to 100% Maximum voltage variation at load change <5%
Soft Start 10 Seconds
Control Type PWM Controlled Thyristor - Diode Module Group
Trigger Frequency 3 kHz
Filter L - C Filter
Ripple 3%
LCD Working status tracking with 2x 16 LCD displays
Buttons Menu monitoring with the help of buttons
Battery Charge Level Leds ( %25, %50, %75, %100)*
PROTECTION DC high, DC low (battery low.), Over temperature, over current, short circuit, fuses, Earth leakage relay *
On - Off Pako Switch
Montage Type Floor montage, Wall montage, Wheeled *
Warning Contacts Optional
Recovery Diod Standard
Connection Terminals
Protection Class IP20
Operating temperature 0 ° C and 40 ° C, max 90% (non-condensing)
Noise Level < 45 DBA
Cooling Fan or Forced
Device Color RAL7035