What is Inverter?

Mains operated devices need DC source to be operated in places where there is no mains. However, DC sources cannot operate such devices directly. For this reason, an inverter must be used. DC sources (individual energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, batteries) are converted to AC sources with the help of inverters, and devices designed according to the mains sign are operated. They can be produced from 50 VA to 100 kVA according to need.

Inverters produced using PWM and IGBT technology with ARTSAN Energy quality assurance give full sine output. Since they are designed with all kinds of protection (over current, over temperature, short circuit, low voltage) in mind, the risk of failure is very low, they are very durable and long-lasting. STEPRO inverter ensures that the fed loads are also long-lasting.

An isolation transformer is used at the output of ARTSAN Inverter. Thus, errors in the DC Unit are prevented from being reflected on the load. Maximum efficiency has been obtained by using silicon mixed sheet metal in isolation transformers. In the winding of the transformers, H0 class enamelled copper wires were used and produced by subjecting to varnish treatment twice.

Inverter Techical Detail


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Inverter Types

a- Square wave output inverter: PWM frequencies are 100 Hz and the output signals are full square wave. These types of inverters cause problems in the operation of sensitive machines.

b- Trapezoidal wave output inverter: The output signal of this type of Inverter with a PWM frequency of 200 Hz is a stepped square wave. It is possible to simulate the signs to sinus by putting filters on the outputs. However, especially in nonlinear loads, since the exit signs are damaged, they cause problems in the operation of such loads.

Pure sine wave inverter (STEPRO INVERTER) Since the PWM frequency of STEPRO Inverter is 10 kHz, a full sine wave is obtained at the output. Since the output signal is a true sinus sign, they can easily feed even non-linear loads (motor, fluorescent, etc.). Working principle; kesintisiz güç kaynağı nın evirici ünitesine benzer. Çıkış its regulation is very low (+/- 1%). It is very durable as IGBT modules and transformers are used in production. Over heat, over current and short circuit protections are available. Special productions can be made according to the needs of the user.

    Inverter General Features

  1. - Quality voltage stabilization
  2. - Maximum efficiency
  3. - Quiet working
  4. - High reliability
  5. - Favorable price / performance ratio
  6. - Aesthetic look
  7. - Service guarantee
  8. - PWM and IGBT technology
  9. - Structure suitable for 100% unbalanced load
  10. - Wheeled box structure
  11. - Structure conforming to TSE and DIN standards
  12. - Mechanical service and ease of commissioning
  13. - Design and production according to special needs

    Inverter Usage Areas

  1. Cinemas
  2. Signaling
  3. Motorized machines
  4. Marine Devices
  5. Rail systems
  6. Wind Turbines
  7. Solar panels
  8. Telecommunication Devices
  9. Lighting Units
  10. Marine Equipment
  11. TV and Video Recorders
  12. Computer systems
  13. Electrical appliances
  14. Fire and Security Systems
  15. Neon and laser lighting
  16. Airports
  17. Printing press

Inverter Technical Specifications

Voltage 12 V / 24 V / 48 V / 72 V / 110 V / 220 V DC
Tolerance +/- % 20
Efficiency > % 85
Phase 1 or 3 Phase
Voltage 220 V / 3×380 V AC (desired output voltage options)
Tolerance +/- %1
PWM Frequency 10kHZ
Frequency 50 Hz (desired output frequency options)
Power 1 kVA – 100 kVA
LCD 2x 16 working status tracking on LCD
Buttons Using menu with the help of buttons
Leds Informing about working status with LED
PROTECTIONS Over current, over heat, Voltage high, Voltage low, fuses, Earth leakage relay
On - Off Pako Switch
Remote control Control panel remote control
Cooling Fan
Connections Terminals
Montage Type Floor montage, Wall montage, Wheeled
Control Type PWM and IGBT
Color Static Paint
Working Temperature and Humidity 0 ° C and 40 ° C max 90% (non-condensing)
Noise Level < 45 DBA
Device Color RAL7035